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Handy Hints For Beautiful Hands and Feet This Summer!

Be Hand and Feet-wise this season…..Summer is a time when hands and feet can take an unexpected battering. Long walks on the beach, swimming, outdoor sporting activities, gardening and even craft activities at home, like painting, can play havoc with the skin and nails on your hands and feet. They now need rescuing and preparation for the winter months ahead!

Taking care of your hands when you are young, can delay hand and feet aging. Many people develop arthritis and stuffness in their hands in older years and taking good care of them with massage and good products can greatly improve this. Watching your diet can have a direct effect on your nails and their general well-being. Nails that are soft and flaky, could be the result of a missing vitamin in your diet. Taking an OTC nail supplement can help in strenthening your nails.

Always use nail files, clippers and polishes that are totally clean and sanitized. Using a nail file that someone else has used, can transfer bacteria and cause nail fungi to grow under your nails, which is very hard to get rid of. Always use nail files that can be completely sterilized.

  • Always wear gloves and protective shoes where possible. Everyone wants to feel close to nature during the summer and we forget how fragile and vulnerable our extremities are at this time of year.
  • Use a good nourishing hand and foot cream every evening before bedtime.
  • If you notice hard, cracked skin developing on your heels, don’t wait until it becomes a real problem, start by keeping your pumice file in the shower and use it on dry skin every time before taking a shower.
  • Each bedtime use a good foot softener product to soften dry cracked heels and pull on a pair of socks to keep the cream from soiling your bed clothes
  • Waterproof socks with a plastic lining inside, work really well to keep the cream in contact with the skin, and not get absorbed by the socks
  • If you spend long periods in the car, try and protect your hands from constant sunlight. You may not notice anything now, but as you age, your hands will develop dark spots and wrinkles, and they are not easy or inexpensive to get rid of.
  • Use a great sunscreen on hands and feet at all times. There is nothing as painful as sunburned hands or feet.

Colleen Lloyd-Roberts is a corporate executive turned entrepreneur, when she realized one day that she would never have financial freedom working for someone else, no matter how high up the corporate ladder she climbed. Colleen sells her own products, including a patented invention, as well as being a major leader in the network marketing industry. Colleen’s enthusiasm coupled with her own “in the trenches” track record position her as an excellent role model for anyone looking to be truly successful in starting up and growing their own home based business.

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