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10 Windows Into Your Body

All About Nails

Quick – point to your keratins!

What? Point to my where? Keratins are strong, fibrous proteins that make up claws, beaks, hooves, shells, fish scales and your very own hair, nails and teeth! Keratin gets its hardness (hooves, teeth & nails) and its softness (skin and feathers) from the amino acids which form with the keratin.

Let’s learn more about nails so you can grow healthy, natural nails and learn how your nails send warning signs about looming health issues.

The Half Moon At the Nail Base

The half moon at the nail base is essentially where your nails begin to grow. This half moon is where new skin cells grow and the older cells are pushed forward and outward. The older cells begin to harden and form what we see – the finger nail and the toe nail.

How Fast Do Nails Grow?

Finger nails grow generally at a rate of 2 -3 millimeters each month. The level of growth is affected by nutrition factors which include the amount of certain nutrients in the body. Also one’s overall health is a factor in nail growth. Men’s nails typically grow faster than women’s, with the exception of during pregnancy. Whichever is the dominant hand, usually experiences faster growth than the other hand. Lastly, hormones can affect how fast or slow nails grow.

A Window of Health

Does your doctor check your nails during exams? She isn’t doing this to make sure your manicure looks nice – nails are a window into your body and offer a quick peak at what could be going on within.

Ridges, Dents, Bumps, Splitting, Cracking & Hang Nails

Dents – Dents indicate a nail injury is growing out. Perhaps you slammed your finger with a hammer or it got caught in a door.

Vertical Ridges – Vertical Ridges are usually a sign of iron deficiency or overall poor nutrient absorption. This can also signify kidney issues or poor health overall.

Bumps and Vertical Ridges – Bumps and vertical ridges are a sign that arthritis could be developing within the body.

Horizontal Ridges – Horizontal Ridges can be a sign of stress.

Cracking, Dry, Brittle Nails – Cracking, dry and brittle nails most often sound the alarm of low levels of calcium, essential fatty acids and vitamins A & D.

Hang Nails – Hang nails often are your barometer for low levels of protein, folic acid and
vitamin C.

Splitting Nails – Splitting Nails can be attributed to low levels of hydrochloric acid.

Splitting and Peeling – Splitting and peeling nails can be a sign of lowered levels of basic nutritional supplements such as calcium, vitamin C, zinc and omega-3’s.

Chipping, Peeling, Cracking – Nails that just don’t seem strong, often times can be remedied by increasing your intake of protein and a good multi-vitamin supplement.

Nail Color

White – White nails can be a sign of liver disease.

Half White, Half Pink – This combination can signify kidney disease.

Red Nail Bed – A red nail bed can alert one to heart conditions.

Yellowish Nail – Yellow nails can set off the alarm for your lungs, or signal the on-start of diabetes.

Pale Nails – Pale nail color can identify anemia.

For remedies to unhealthy nails, see our next article “Growing Healthy, Strong Nails”. As always, you should visit your medical or homeopathic doctor for good, overall health. Bodies change as we go through life. Stress levels increase and decrease and the very levels of nutrients our bodies consume change as the months and years go by. The right level of vitamin C last year may need to be altered this year. If you see slight changes be mindful of any alterations in your diet or exercise program. Also, medications can have an affect on your nails as well as the way your body absorbs nutrients. Lastly – there are many vitamin supplements on the market, if you’re not seeing results with your current vitamin supplement – switch and try another one. Supplements are only as good as they work and there are hundreds to chose from. Keep a watchful eye on your nails and use them as a window to good health and longevity. Not just a pretty hand, do nails make!

Colleen Lloyd-Roberts is a corporate executive turned entrepreneur, when she realized one day that she would never have financial freedom working for someone else, no matter how high up the corporate ladder she climbed. Colleen sells her own products, including a patented invention, as well as being a major leader in the network marketing industry. Colleen’s enthusiasm coupled with her own “in the trenches” track record position her as an excellent role model for anyone looking to be truly successful in starting up and growing their own home based business.

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