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Spa At Home

Ambiance is pampering for the soul and a large reason why men and women visit spas in the first place. It takes the same amount of time to get a mani/pedi at home as it does at the spa, actually less time if you count driving, looking for a parking space and walking to and from the spa. You can quickly and easily create a spa ambiance in your home by lighting one or more candles and popping in a little Enya or Classical music. It transforms your state of mind from “I have to do my nails” to “I’m so looking forward to my manicure!” To really maximize relaxation, the more of your 5 senses involved in your at home spa experience, the better. Sip on your favorite hot tea from a beautiful china tea cup found at an antiques shop or, enjoy your favorite glass of vino from an unusual piece of stemware. Keep your drinking vessels tucked away and use them only during your spa time. Purchase extras for when you invite girlfriends to enjoy spa day with you. We love the scents, look and healthiness of handmade candles Made by Elizabeth.

The Perfect Manicure

1. Remove nail polish. Use a remover with an acetone in it because it gets the job done quickly and easily. We love removers that have extra conditioners or herbals in them. They remove your polish and nourish your nail all in one step.

2. Soak finger tips in lemon water. Squeeze 1/2 slice of lemon into a small bowl filled with warm water and soak your finger tips. This helps to remove yellowing from polish.

3. Remove dead skin and cuticles. We recommend, Nu Skin’s Body Lufra. Your hands will feel as soft as the day you were born! Rub the Lufra into your hands, paying extra attention to your cuticles. If you do this regularly, you won’t need a cuticle stick and you won’t get pesty, painful hang nails.

4. Remove any stubborn calluses on palms and fingers. Using the Top Notch large pumice file, gently rub in a circular motion over stubborn writing calluses or roughened palms. Rinse your hands and pumice file.

5. File your nails. Crystal files are best because they gently glide across the nail, sealing it as it files. No tearing, no need to file the sides of your nails and no buffing required! We recommend Top Notch crystal nail files.

6. Apply a base coat. We use and recommend LA Girls Calcium. These folks just got it right when they created a base coat! We discovered this product at a beauty supply store in CA. After failed attempts at repairing nails which were covered up by artificial tips for years, we found this formula got our nails in top notch shape! So we called the company and asked if we could share it with our customers and they happily agreed. We promise, you’ll love, love, love this product!

7. Optional step. If you are repairing your nails and nurturing them back to being strong and healthy, skip to step 8. Reapply Calcium to your nails again tomorrow (it dries quickly), then reapply a third time. Wait about 5 days, remove your Calcium and start the application process again. After a few weeks and coupled with using your Top Notch crystal nail file, you will start to see a real difference in your nails. For greater strength take the vitamin supplement Image HNS. Taken regularly, you’ll see and feel a noticeable different in your hair, nails and your skin in just a few weeks.

8. Apply polish in your color palette and finish with a top coat. Selecting the right color of polish will really complete your overall look. Your nails, like a piece of jewelry are an accessory to compliment your overall look. Just as certain colors make us look washed out or pale, the color of nail polish has the same effect. To find out what your colors are, check out Jill Kirsch Color to see what is the best color palette for you. I was amazed to find out what color category I was in! I had it all wrong and now that I’ve got it right, it’s totally amazing!

9. Finish off with Perennial Body Lotion. This lotion goes on smooth, has a clean, fresh scent and absorbs quickly into your skin, leaving your skin feel incredibly soft, smooth and very sexy.

Colleen Lloyd-Roberts is a corporate executive turned entrepreneur, when she realized one day that she would never have financial freedom working for someone else, no matter how high up the corporate ladder she climbed. Colleen sells her own products, including a patented invention, as well as being a major leader in the network marketing industry. Colleen’s enthusiasm coupled with her own “in the trenches” track record position her as an excellent role model for anyone looking to be truly successful in starting up and growing their own home based business.

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