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What is the difference between a Glass File and an emory board or metal file?

The first thing you will notice when you use your crystal glass nail file, is how smooth it is on your nail. You don’t get the rough, jagged edges like you do when using an emery board, metal or diamond file. A Crystal file is very smooth and gentle and yet surprisingly effective. Metal files and emery boards tear the nail as they file, leaving rough, sharp edges. The crystal file glides across the nail tip so you can quickly and easily shape your nail to a flawless, smooth finish. Also crystal files seal the nail tip as you file, preventing water, dirt and debris from seeping into the nail tip. This is one of the reasons nails can chip, crack and peel, so after you use your crystal nail file for about one month, you will notice a considerable difference in how strong your nails are and they don’t crack, chip and peel as much.

What are the Measurements of Each Size File?

The measurements of Top Notch Glass Nail Files are as follows: 

Small Glass Nail File:  3 1/2″ long  x 1/2″ wide x 2mm thick 

                                  Metric:  90mm long x 12 mm wide x 2mm thick

Medium Glass Nail File:  5 1/2″ long x 12″ wide x 2mm thick 

                                  Metric: 140mm long x 12mm wide x 2mm thick

Large Toe Nail & Pumice Glass File: 7 3/4″ long x 6/8″ wide x 4mm thick

                                         Metric:  200mm long x 20mm wide x 4mm thick

XL Glass FootScraper Pumice File: 6 3/8″ long x 1 3/8″ wide x 1/4″ thick

                                        Metric: 162mm long x 34mm wide x 6mm thick

Grooved Glass Files including Groove Keychains: 

3 3/8″ long x 7/8″ wide x 1/4″ thick (approx.) 

Metric:  87mm long x 20mm wide x 6mm thick (approx.) 

The vinyl cases the files come in are slightly larger than the files to accommodate fit. 

The Safe Boxes are built to accommodate the glass files without their extra vinyl cases that they come with.  So for example the medium SafeBox fits one Medium Top Notch Glass Nail File.        

How do I clean and care for my glass nail and pumice files at home?

For at home use, simply rinse your Top Notch files under warm water and pat dry with a towel. You can also place them in the dishwasher right alongside your knives and forks! For professional use, simply use standard FDA approved sanitation methods including UV light, auto-clave and sterilizing solution.

How do I clean, disinfect and care for my glass nail files in a professional setting?

Top Notch’s crystal glass files offer great advantages for professionals. First, the excellent grinding performance ensures high quality and gentle nail treatment. Second, they offer the great advantage of sterilization eliminating the risk of spreading nail infections among the customers. Each year an estimated 1 million people will contract an infection, disease or illness as the result of bacteria spread through the sharing of unsanitary tools while getting a manicure or pedicure. Glass files are currently one of the only sanitizable nail files available on the market. Professionals who use glass files and properly sanitize them between clients will have peace of mind that they are doing their part to reduce the risk of harm to their clients, which delivering a top notch quality manicure or pedicure.

Are Top Notch Glass Files hygienic?

Unlike other nail files, the crystal glass nail file is non- porous and therefore cannot absorb water which creates an environment for disease (bacterial or fungal). Crystal glass nail files meet all the FDA requirements for sanitation including UV light, auto-clave and sterilizing solution. For at home use, you can rinse your files under warm water and pat dry with a towel, or put them into the dishwasher!

About Us

What makes Top Notch brand Glass Files different from other companies selling them?

Glass files are patented in the United States, Canada and several other countries. Top Notch Nail Files is a moral and ethical company and operates within the laws of the land. Top Notch has a partnership with the patent holder and we only sell legal, patented crystal glass files.

The manufacturing processes of the patented files are extremely top notch. Many different processes are used to create the roughened surface as well as to harden the files for superior durability.

There are many companies now manufacturing glass and crystal nail files and marketing them at very low prices. Not only are these files illegal to be marketed in the US and Canada, because they are infringing on the patent, but manufacturing processes vary from factory to factory and with that varies the quality. For example some factories produce and market a glass nail file where the base is glass and then a mixture of glass and other substances are adhered to the glass base. These files will go dull in a very short time. Some factories produce files which are thin and brittle, therefore the files break very easily.
Top Notch guarantees the highest quality crystal glass nail files on the market. Our files go through quality check points and Top Notch Nail Files is the ONLY company that offers a lifetime guarantee. Even though we offer superior quality products we understand that in life, accidents happen. Please see our warranty page for details of our no questions asked warranty program that is available to our Top Notch customers.
Please note – only files bearing the patent sticker on them are legally for sale in the US and Canada.

Are Top Notch Nail Files environmentally safe?

Each year an entire football stadium could be filled up with all of the worn out emery boards, metal files and pumice stones that are tossed into the landfills! Top Notch’s crystal glass files will never dull. They will last a lifetime! Emery boards, metal files and pumice stones also have to be thrown away and replaced frequently due to the amount of bacteria that grows on them. Top Notch’s files are solid crystal-glass which is non-porous, therefore fungus and bacteria can’t grow on the surface, making them very hygienic. Simply rinse under warm water or toss them into the dishwasher to clean! These files also meet all the FDA sanitation requirements. Lastly, all inks and dyes used in the coloring process are lead-free and environmentally safe!

Are your Pumice files generally safe for Diabetics ?

Diabetics have to take great care and caution with their feet. Top Notch offers two solutions for Diabetics and individuals with problem or sensitive feet. First, is the Large Toe Nail File/Pumice File and second is the XL Foot Scraper. Both are perfect because you don’t have to worry about cutting yourself or rubbing to the point of bleeding. Most pumice stones have pointed corners that can cut into the skin and if you pumice too hard it can cause the skin to tear away and bleed. Top Notch’s Large Files and XL Foot Scrapers are used and recommended by a large number of Diabetics, (including the Company President’s Mom).
The Top Notch Pumice is especially safe and hygienic for those suffering with neuropathology. There are no sharp edges and you don’t have to be as worried about cutting the skin and bleeding. Of course care should be taken when using any Pumice file, but overall it is very safe, hygienic and favored by our Diabetic customers.

What is your Warranty?
The filing surface has a practically unlimited lifespan and is guaranteed never to wear out.  We stand behind our files, offering a lifetime warranty. If your file ever wears down or if you accidentally break it, we will replace it for free! See our Warranty page for details.

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