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We replace broken files free of charge. There is no charge for the file itself, you just pay shipping and handling.

To use our Warranty File Program follow these steps:

1. Send a check in the amount of $4.30. This is for shipping and handling.
2. Make check payable to: Top Notch Nail Files
3. Send check and empty vinyl file case with the Top Notch sticker on the back to:

Top Notch Nail Files
Attention Warranty Dept.
PO Box 2563  
Huntersville, NC 28070 
4. Do NOT send us your broken file. Sending broken glass in the mail is dangerous for mail carriers and our shipping people who have to open it up. ONLY SEND THE EMPTY VINYL CASE that has our sticker on it so we can verifiy its a Top Notch file. The sticker is your proof of purchase.
5. Send us an e-mail by clicking on the link below, letting us know you are sending a file in for replacement. In the subject heading of your e-mail, please type “Warranty”.
6. Why do we ask for the vinyl case? There are many sub-standard quality glass nail files currently sold on the market. They break easily and wear down. We want to be sure we are rewarding our loyal customers and not someone else’s.
7. Limit one file per customer. We are dreadfully sorry we have to add this limitation but we have some customers who have abused our warranty service. We don’t want to eliminate the Warranty Service altogether so this was the best solution we could come up with. Thank you for understanding.
8. One last thing, we reserve the right to refuse Warranty Services to anyone we feel is abusing the policy. If you read # 7 above, you’ll understand why we had to write this. Again, thank you for understanding!
Thank you for purchasing Top Notch Nail Files and for utilizing our Warranty Services.

We appreciate you as a loyal customer and we hope we have exceeded your expectations as a company! Please check our web site frequently for new styles, new colors and holiday themes.

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