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The following Testimonies are genuine.  We do not pay our customers or trade products in exchange for great reviews. We don’t strive for customer satisfaction, we deliver Top Notch service and strive to create Raving Fans!  In return our customers thank us with their business and these kind words…
Thank you so much for your quick response and excellent customer service.
Jill G

Thank you so much for your quick responses. I absolutely love your files and have told many friends about them. I will keep referring! Thanks again! Your biggest fan…
Maryann S

I love your nail files. I’ll never use an emory board again.

In a previous e-mail you said that your company strives for perfection. This time you exceeded it. A big THANK YOU for outstanding service.
Glen C

Just wanted to say thank you for the ‘top-notch’ customer service. I also really appreciate that your nail files are the real deal and not those cheap ones where they just glue some grit on top of smooth glass. Will definitely recommend you to friends.
Kelsey W

Bless your heart! You sure know how to keep the customer happy.
Glen C

We love your files and plan to continue making purchases in the future.


Katherine J.

Wanted you to know I love your product and I plan on buying much more to have on hand for gifts.


Diane M.

I love the nail files, they are the best.


Maria G.

I’m loving my crystal Top Notch Nail Files and wanted to thank you, Colleen for the top notch customer service on my first (but I’m sure not the last)  order from your company. I’ve never liked the metal files and that that the cushioned ones must be the way to go because that’s what I saw most everywhere. Who knew there was another, much superior option? Not me – at least ’til I did an internet search. I am truly amazed at how much better your nail files work than what I’ve used in the past. Another pleasant surprise was the level of customer service I recieved. Rather than hold my order up on the AquaDusk medium file I’d ordered which was sold out (always knew I had good taste), you sent a lovely substitute color as well as an additional small file to compensate for the change in my order. Well done! I’m a very satisfied customer.
Barbara P.

Hello Colleen, Awwww, you’re welcome and thank you for rectifying the situation so fast. No worries, I completely understand about the small error.. no problem at all. I appreciate your excellent customer service and I’ll give you another chance in the future and with lots of friends! Thanks again!
Bianca D.

Great Customer Service! 3 years ago I purchased a set of files that I absolutely love. A few months ago one broke and I called the number to take advantage of the lifetime warranty. I sent in my check for shipping and handling and there was a glitch that my check was never received. I called the company and talked to Colleen who realized it was sent to the wrong address and apologized profusely and immediately shipped out the free replacement warranty file. I never spoke to anyone who was impolite or didn’t believe me when I said my file was broken. I called several times and each time everyone was so curteous and made me feel like a valued client! Thank you so much for your help and patience. I am super excited about receiving my new nail file and would recommend this company to anyone. The product is great and the customer service has been above and beyond!
Samantha B.

Hi Colleen, First off, I’m a returning customer and absolutely LOVE your crystal nail files! My nails are so much better and smoother since I’ve been using them. The head of our office needed a nail file a few months ago and asked if I had an emory board. I said no and handed him my small crystal nail file which I keep in my purse. He really liked it, so I gave him your website and he told me that he had his wife order several so you have a couple more satisfied customers. Thanks!
Beth K.

I have been using these nail files for almost 7 years. They are wonderful: durable, yet gentle on the smallest, most delicate nails to the toughest of nails. Always leaves your nails completely smooth, no rough edges whatsoever! I don’t ever want to go back to those abrasive, thick nail files that not only files your nails but the tip of your finger as well! Customer service is super and files are great as special little gifts to friends.
Roe F.

Hi, I bought a small file for myself years ago at the women’s show in Orlando, FL and I bought files for presents. I absolutely loved it but recently went on vacation and lost it. It was unique as it was etched with the word ‘love’ on it. Do you not make that one any more and if not, could you? I miss it! I also bought some from other vendors at craft shows but they don’t seem the same as yours. Can you let me know, if you don’t make the ‘love’ one any more I will purchase another from you, I hope you still make them the same, as the others just don’t compare!
Lorraine T.

I am writing to let you know that you got a new customer who is really happy. I received my first order and I loved everything about it. I love the quality of my new nail files and I love how beautiful it feels against my nail. Color is so cute and your customer service is great. You did not have the small file in the color I ordered and you substituted it with the medium file in that color at no extra charge. So sweet of you. And I appreciate the time you took to hand write a note explaining this on the invoice. I am going to tell all my friends about your files and I’m going to order files for my daughter and my Mom. Thank you.
Elena S.

The package arrived today… just in time for our Early Mother’s Day gathering this evening!! All the ladies are getting nail files from me. Thank you so much for your great service and the extra small file. I love them and I will be sure to recommend you to my friends and family.
 – Lou M.
I love your product and love your fast delivery just as much. Thank you very much.
 – Mary L.
I heard about your products and website today from a gal I just happened to strike up a conversation with at Walmart. We were in the nail file section and she showed me one of hers and recommended it highly – I even used it. I was so glad and am looking forward to receiving the files. Thank you.
 – Linda B.
Thank you so much, Colleen, for the extra vinyl cases. And, I’m so glad the receptionist was able to stop the re-send. I’m really thrilled to have them! I’ve never had glass files before and WOW, are they luxurious. Of course, I had to use them right away, and my nails look and feel so nice and smooth. Have a great day.
– Tannis B.
Just wanted to say thank you for the “top notch” customer service! I also really appreciate that your nail files are the real deal, and not the cheap ones where they just glue some grit on top of smooth glass. Will definitely recommend you to friends.
 – Kelsey W.
Just wanted to let you know I received my package today, and I thank you so much for the  extra small file! I will definitely recommend you to my friends.
– Michele M.
Thank you very much Colleen,
I am very impressed with your quick response. I will very definitely recommend you and your company to my friends and family.
 – Cyndi W.
 Thank you so much!  The products arrived and are amazing!  You really are all you say you are.  Will you have any specials in the next month?  I would love to give my mom and sisters gifts from your product line.
Thank you again for your great customer service.
  – Danielle H.
Thank you so much!  I received my files today!  It is nice to know that some companies still care about their customers. They don’t wear out, but I like haviing them all around the house, in my purse and in the car.  Then I’m covered anywhere…. ha, ha.  They also make nice little gifts.
Thank you so much!
 – Beverly S.


I just love these nail files.  I picked up three a couple of years ago.  I’m ordering these for Christmas presents!
They are great!
 – Linda A.


Dear Colleen, I appreciate your excellent customer service. I was excited to find your company.  These files are for a Christmas gift for my mom.  She always raves about how great it is. I saw your nail files mentioned in Real Simple.  She will be overjoyed to have more than one!!
Thanks again for your customer service.
 – Jenny M.
The nail files arrived yesterday and they are just gorgeous and work wonderfully. I’m very happy with them. Thank you!
 – Dawn Y.
I’m down to one small one because everyone takes mine when they try them.  I’m guarding my last little one for my life, so I thought I would get the girls all one of their own.  I’ve told all my friends to go there and get their own. I love these, they’re durable and just the right size for travel and purses.  Thank you so much for your quick response.  Will you be at the Southern Womens show this year?  I would love to stop and see you and pick up a few more.
 – Kathleen M.
These are indeed very fine products.  I recently purchased a similar-looking file at my local drugstore, only to find that it was made of plastic, and the abrasive surface sloughed off right away –didn’t even do one nail!   Sadly, none  of my local shops carry the real ones anymore, and even web retailers are now selling the plastic fakes.
Best wishes for the continuing success and growth of your business!
– Oleh
I love, love, love these files.  As a massage therapist I’m filing my nails on a daily basis.  In the past I have used other files only to have cracks and splinters on my nail tips.   Now I’m only using the crystal nail files and my nails are soft and smooth and my clients love them too!!  I have a small one in my purse, a medium one in my desk at the office and I have the foot file too at home.  My heels have never been smoother.
– Laura M.

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