Spa Girl on the Go -Long, Strong, Healthy Nails Kit


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Incredibly strong, long, natural nails are possible, even if you’re experiencing life after gels and tips. This Garlic formula is imported from Bogota, South Columbia and is a beauty secret of some of the most naturally beautiful women in the world sporting long, strong, natural nails.

Combined with a CRYSTAL Nail File, you CAN grow long, strong nails, naturally!

Easy Directions…
Apply Garlic daily for 2-3 days.
Remove Garlic & reapply.
Repeat for about 2 months (may be less, but for thin, brittle, damaged nails it takes about 2 months)
File the tips of your nails with a CRYSTAL NAIL FILE daily!

Daily filing with a CRYSTAL file helps you to remove the thin nail as it grows out and keeps your nails from breaking and splitting. CRYSTAL files also seal the nail tips preventing water and bacteria from seeping into the tip of the nail causing them to weaken, chip and crack. Regular daily filing will help your nails grow longer and stronger.

(Note: For more information on Crystal files verese emory boards and metal files, visit the More Information Section of our website).

Final tip: Do not clean under your nails with anything other than either of these two methods:

1. Back and forth motion of a soapy nail brush
2. Squishing your nail tips into 1/2 a lemon!

When you use orange sticks or the tips of nail files to clean out under your nails, you are actually separating the skin from the nail. Naturally strong nails need to adhere to the skin tissue. If you do not separate the skin from the nail and they form a bond, you will find that your nails will grow long and strong and will not chip, crack and break as easily.

Once your nails are strong, use the Select Garlic as a base coat under polish.

You can use Select Garlic on toe nails as well.

Your nails will not taste or smell like garlic, but there is a high concentration level of garlic in the formula.


The combination of the Garlic Formula and the daily filing has been road tested by the Founder of Top Notch Nail Files who had her own gel nails removed. After 2 months her nails were grown out long and strong and very healthy. She said her nails were stronger than they’d ever been in her whole life!

This package includes 1 bottle of Garlic Select, 1 Top Notch Medium Crystal Glass Nail File, 1 Emerald Mesh Carry Pouch with Drawstring.

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