Top Notch Nail Files came to fruition when Colleen Lloyd-Roberts, Founder and President spent her rent money on nail files. She set up a booth at a Glendale, CA Farmer’s Market and prayed she would sell enough files to make her rent money back. She made her rent money and then some!  In two days, Colleen sold $7000 worth of nail files! For weeks after the two day event, Colleen received phone calls from customers asking if they could buy more and more and more. Colleen then began asking local shop owners if they wanted to carry some of the files near their registers as a point of purchase item and she was officially in the wholesale market as well.

Several months later Colleen met her (now) husband Richard who owned a company connecting celebrities with high end products. In addition to high profile celebs, he also placed her nail files in high profile goodie bags and helped her secure a booth at the Los Angeles Gift Mart where she met catalog buyers and a rep for Publisher’s Clearing House, her first mega-deal.

Exceptional customer service was in place right from the beginning. Even though this was meant to be only a hobby, Colleen made sure all customers were well looked after and completely satisfied. She has always believed in the concept of Going The Extra Mile. Colleen operates her company using the 17 principles of the Laws of Success as outlined by Napoleon Hill.

Top Notch Nail Files is head-quartered in Mooresville, NC.

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