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Wholesale, Re-Seller, Fundraising

Thank you for your interest in buying and selling Top Notch Nail Files. We have several income generating opportunities available.


You can purchase our files Wholesale and then mark them up for sale to your customers in your own store, salon, spa or at pop up shops, craft fairs and trade shows.

Re-Seller Program

As a ReSeller you can purchase files wholesale to have your own working inventory to sell from and you have the option of your own Affiliate website. Your website would be an extension of our company website so your customers can order directly from our stock and then we ship for you and you earn the profits.
The Re-Seller program is excellent for anyone looking for a Side Hustle or looking to gradually build a full time income:
  • College Students
  • High School Students
  • Parents looking to earn extra money without a lot of extra time and effort
  • Retired citizens

Social Media Re-Seller Program

This program is aimed at individuals who understand social media or want to use the glass nail files as learning ground on how to build communities on social media and sell products.
  • Anyone who loves social media

Fundraising Program

We’re very proud of the fact that Top Notch Nail Files have been used to raise funds for many worthy causes! Your group can put their logo on the files or simply order the quantity needed to make a certain revenue goal. An Affiliate website is also available during the Fundraising time frame so customers can order directly from our company stock and the fundraising group will earn the profits. This helps fundraising efforts spread world wide not just in a local market.

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