Crystal Glass Nail Files

Crystal Glass nail files are the latest innovation in the nail industry.

Why use a Crystal Glass Nail File ?

They are the perfect solution for shaping both natural and artificial nails. The files are very gentle on the natural nail and with regular use can help prevent splitting and peeling and they give a lovely smooth finish.

Crystal Glass Nail Files are similar to Glass files except the crystal is harder and more durable than regular glass. This means they will last longer and are harder to break. We offer a lifetime warranty against both wear and breakage.

Crystal Glass nail files are extremely hygienic. Unlike other nail files, the Crystal Glass nail file is not porous and therefore cannot absorb water and create an environment for disease (bacterial or fungal). Crystal Glass nail files can be disinfected, boiled or sterilized by any known means or simply washed under hot running water.

Never buy another nail file again!

The filing surface has a practically unlimited lifespan and so it is virtually guaranteed never to wear out. These crystal nail files are subjected to a hardening process that makes them 74% stronger than non-hardened examples and regular glass files. They are therefore extremely durable.

Professional Use

Crystal nail files are also ideal for professional usage. They offer two great advantages for professionals: the excellent grinding performance ensuring high quality and gentle nail treatment and the advantage of sterilization eliminating the risk of spreading nail infections among the customers ? very important in this day and age. These unique qualities will bring more and more satisfied customers.

Other benefits to using a crystal nail file.

In addition to their hygenic and durable properties, glass nail files provide a smoother filing process. Emery boards, metal and diamond files tear the tips of the nails leaving jagged edges and cause splitting of the nails.

These nail files will give you a smoother and higher quality manicure and as a result your nails will grow stronger with continued use.

The larger nail files can be used for acrylic nails and in the place of a pumice stone. These files feature two levels of abrasion.

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